A downloadable game for Windows

New releases available Early Access on steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/550360

Are you lost in the dark? The walk through may help whilst we fix some bugs!

For Updates and special alpha builds please follow me - Twitter @Deep_Voodoo

Synopsis - Your existence is surreal.. a planet fractured in time, leaking unimaginable forces from the Ether, is home to a ravaged population of humans and undead creatures.

Captured and forced to join "The Core", your life depends on battling not just the undead but those who have removed your freedom.

Get to grips with stealth and strategy, unwrap puzzles left by humans and the Ether - all whilst exploring the world for clues to it's fate and your escape.

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Revision 3 - 14th October 2016 (415 MB)